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Jean Michel Jare

Vinyl Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Infinity, Columbia, 2018, Download

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Interpret Jean Michel Jare
Album Equinoxe Infinity
Vydavateľstvo Columbia
Formát Vinyl LP Album
Žáner Electronic
Rok vydania 2018
EAN 0190758764511

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TrvaniePozíciaNadpisUkážky skladieb
2:58A1The Watchers (Movement 1)
3:54A2Flying Totems (Movement 2)
5:44A3Robots Don't Cry (Movement 3)
4:01A4All That You Leave Behind (Movement 4)
1:42A5If The Wind Could Speak (Movement 5)
4:14B1Infinity (Movement 6)
2:07B2Machines Are Learning (Movement 7)
4:16B3The Opening (Movement 8)
3:36B4Don’t Look Back (Movement 9)
7:35B5Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)

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