CD Andris Nelsons - Boston Symphony Comissions, Naxos, 2019

Interpret Andris Nelsons
Album Boston Symphony Comissions
Vydavateľstvo Naxos
Formát CD Compilation
Žáner Classical
Rok vydania 2019
EAN 0636943987421

Zoznam skladieb

TrvaniePozíciaNadpisUkážky skladieb
111:31The Space of a Door
206:48Sonnets: No. 1, Sonnet 30 "When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought"
306:07Sonnets: No. 2, Sonnet 12 "When I Do Count the Clock That Tells the Time"
403:59Sonnets: No. 3, Sonnet 60 "Like As the Waves Make Towards the Pebbled Shore"
507:51Sonnets: No. 4, Sonnet 75 "So You Are to My Thoughts As Food to Life"
611:36Everything Happens So Much
704:31Express Abstractionism: I. Dense Bubbles, Calder, The Origin of Life on Earth
803:16Express Abstractionism: II. Richter, The Rainbow Inside a Bolt of Lightning
901:39Express Abstractionism: III. Kandinsky, and Marble, and Krasner
1004:11Express Abstractionism: IV. The Sun, The Moon, Mondrian

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